What is "Zeniarai"?
d0160582_849290.jpgIn my previous blog post, I introduced: "Afterwords,Mr.Tokimune Hojo washed his money with water, after having prayed for family prosperity."This is the continuation of the story.

At the main shrine, there was a line up of people who were trying to buy bamboo baskets,candles and incense sticks as a symbol of dedication.,I decided to follow the people who bought them and I discovered a big hole in the mountain. Again!? I observed them as they placed the candles onto the special shelf. And then,I also went into the cave.
The incense sticks look beautiful when they are all lined up
(single-unit 100 yen).

The Okumiya shrine was in this cave.In this cave,one of the five famous springs in the Kamakura area is present. It is believed that if you wash your money using the water,the value of the money will increase. So some wash coins and the others wash bills as a sign of worship. ?Everybody really seemed to enjoy washing their money.
Hand-written 「Dipped money...」Yep,that's important to know!
I washed my Ichiman(10,000) yen bill!
Mr.Yukichi Fukuzawa seemed surprised to be sprinkled?!
The atmosphere is so beautiful in the cave.

d0160582_8504138.jpgWithin the shrine, there are other shrines. Each shrine is unique and exotic. If you walk around the shrine, it is said to bring you luck.And then, you can also buy special lucky charms at the shrine. They come in such interesting designs that everyone loves them.
It was a really memorable moment for me to wash my money. After washing my money, I noticed that I had to use the money right away. So basically, I washed 10,000 yen so that I had to spend it immediately ...Oh my...

Zeniarai Benzaiten
2-25-16 Sasuke, Kamakura-shi,
by TOKYO_YUCa_ENG | 2010-07-08 20:39 | (Suburbs)

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