Feel the rule! - Continuing Japanese culture
I visited the Harajuku area the other day. Atthe entrance of Yoyogi park, I saw the crowds. Almost all the people there were foreigners, visiting from abroad.
d0160582_21455414.jpgIn the middle of the crowd, there were men inblack T-shirts, Black pants and special hair-styles (what we call “Regent Hair”). Also, there were women wearing bright colored one-piece skirts with pony tail hair-styles. When they were circling around, their skirts moved with them.

I asked some questions to one of theperformers, Yosuke-san, who was in charge of the performance that day.
d0160582_2146646.jpgI asked him when they usually perform. He asked that performers have their careers, so they gather to dance every Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. I also asked him how they practice on weekdays. I found out that each performerpractices by themselves on weekdays and perform with the group on Sunday! This means that there is a chance to perform in front of people every weekend so performersmust practice really hard!

I was impressed that those performers were not scouted, but gathered naturally. In the field, there were 3 different dance groups. They were dancing with caring another group so that they would not obstruct another group. In addition, it seemed that they neverforgot to pick up the garbage after the performance. They also remembered to respect older people. Yosuke-san said “We just do really simple things.” When we pointed our camera at him, he posed for us. He’s so cool, isn’t he?
Yosuke-san is leading the team.

Wow, the twist looks so technical!

♪ I was lucky and so happy that I could talk with Yosuke-san. I didn’t know that they havesuch a warm heart and strong spirit. They were promoting Japanese Culture. I was so amazed to know that they take out the garbage to clean up the place and respectsenior people. It seems like a normal thing but it’s part of the Japanese spirit. ;-D
by TOKYO_YUCa_ENG | 2010-11-09 21:55 | -Shibuya

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